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The Confusion is Laziness

Winter is here, time to hybernate. Naw never works like that in the modern word. In the modern world we get shit done, there is no time for hybernation.

I have to move out in a few days, Airbnb term is done, it's time to move on to another place, another city. I have to visit my Grandparents in Poland so that is the plan for Christmas. Go there, visit Grandparents, get some paperwork and after all that's done come back to Budapest and spend New Years with my girlfriend. I think it's a good plan... but what to do next, what is the plan... come on KAMILLLLL what are you gonna do next? where are you gonna live next? are you gonna settle down or travel?

I realised that it doesn't matter whether I live here or there. I can get enjoyment from wherever I live as long as I keep my fundamental habits. These include: meditation, exercise, eating well, and socialising cosistently; ohh yeah there is one more thing, it's developing my brand. Don't matter where I go, don't matter where I live, as long as I am working on my future. I can do this anywhere, but I must keep it consistent.

The excuses I've been having for a while, "I should live there because it's better", "I don't like it here that's why I'm unhappy", but my happiness come purely down to whether I'm developing my future, and again it doesn't matter whether I do it in Spain, or on the Moon, as long as I do it. Because when I don't that is when I lose touch with the development of my future, I get lost and I forget about the work and focus too much on the problems. When you work the problems don't exist becauase you're too occupied with working on something that excites you.

I've seen this in the past, always blaming the circumstances for how I feel or why I can't get shit done, but when it really came down to putting in the work, that was the solution. And I had experiences where I actually did, I did a lot, and those time I was happy, I was fulfilled, satisfied with myself because I knew that I was developing my life, my business, my skills. Even when the circumstances were living with my parents, that didn't stop me, I was getting shit done, that's all that really mattered


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