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I'm sure you've heard of the idea that "the people with who you soround yourself with will influence your life, behaviour, and your mindset". It's the truth, your mind and body adopt to your soroundings so that way it can save energy and survive. 

So now what type of people do you soround yourself with?

If it's already the people that are living the life that you want to live, THAT IS GREAT! But if it's people who are dragging you down, sucking your energy and all that, then obviously something needs to change...

And obviously you like reading my stuff, you maybe enjoy watching my videos, so I'm sure you'd like to have a bit of my influence in your life (hehe). I'm living a pretty chill life, and I've accomplished this through years and years of "street smarts" "hacking the system" and "doing things my own way", because... I believe that life is too precious to waste it doing shit you don't like doing. 

Therefore I want to invite you to my personal group where you can get an inside look into my life, meet people who also want to be free from all the 'bullshit', and be influenced by our inspiring and liberating ideas. 

What you get once you're IN:

- Access to private group

- Weekly posts by me and the members (thoughts, ideas, discussion, private posts (nudes ;) ... ugh disgusting!)

- useful guides/ content on all areas of life, career, relationships/ sex, health/ fitness, and much more

- Access to online events

- Access to meetups (real life shit!) 

- Access to me of course - you can ask me questions, send me audios, send me money, send me your sister (if you want) 

- Access to members, you'll get to meet people who have similar goals, whether you need an accountibility buddy, or you want to make some friends, or you want to find someone to hang with (if in the same city)

It's all here, for a ONEEEEEE... I mean monthly price of 27 bucks. That's less than what you pay for your monthly coffee expenses. Not bad huh?

The reason why it's 27 bucks is that I like the number 27, and the effort that I put into this group is definitely worth WAYYYY more, with all the SHIIIT you get, common, don't complain, why are you making excuses now? It's only 27 bucks, ask you mom or something. 

Anyways, you can sign up here, and I'll let Wixxie Pixy take care of the rest. 

Trust me it's a good investment, and you can quit anytime if you feel like coming on "too strong". Alright see ya on the other side! 

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