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STOP Dressing Like Sh*t

Your fashion represents you!

The clothes which you wear represent you totally, from head to toe. Whether you’re wearing a business suit, or a leather jacket and a pair of vans, it’s who you are, it’s a representation of your life. And it doesn’t matter what you think, it’s all a matter of what others think. I mean really… when was the last time you judged someone based on what they were wearing? No you didn’t? What about that homeless guy earlier today, why did you not stop for him? Because he looked like shit. And for some, they might not even recognise this judgment they put on others, just based on how they look, whether clothes, weight or nationality.

Dress to impress

First impressions do really matter, because when you stop a girl on the street, or in the Café, the first judgment she will make is based on how you look. „Is he clean?”, „why does he have a hole in his shoe?”, „why does he smell so bad?”, and there goes your first impression. It’s super critical that you present yourself well when first meeting someone. Your parents probably told you this as well, „make sure you dress nice for your interview”, and they were right! And some people want to be „themselves”: „I want her to know who I really am”. If who you really are is a man who can’t take care of his odor, or wear some clothes without holes in them, then you will without a doubt lose a lot of opportunities, with women and in life.

Cater your fashion to your personality

The thing with fashion is to cater your style to who you are, and who you are is more than a ripped shirt and some smelly socks. You need to PIMP yourself out, but at the same time, don’t overdo it. Keep it simple, pick a few colours, make sure the clothes fit (no baggy jeans, or oversized shirts), and add your own touch. If you’re an artist, get some artsy bracelets, or if you’re a photographer, get a necklace with a little camera on it. And no judgments if you like wearing suits, that’s actually cool, but spice it up a bit, so that the girl has something to comment on (necklace or bracelet is the best option).

Do you feel insecure about looking good?

For some people, dressing good will bring out insecurities, because they won’t be able to accept their new identity. I had this happen, I remember when I was first beginning to change my style, to a much more cooler and professional look. I had these moments of insecurity, where I would tell myself that „this isn’t me”, but under the surface this was an insecurity trying to drag me back into my old, safe, identity. If you notice this in yourself when changing the way you look, just remember that it’s okay to be cool, and to adopt a new identity. These excuses to go back to the way you were or the way you used to look, occur to protect your identity, because you „believe” that you can’t be cool, and that you don’t deserve to be cool. But in reality, even if you aren’t cool, (and cool meaning that you’re self realised), you can just fake it till you make it!

Be patient with fashion, it takes time

It will take a while to develop your „sense” for fashion, because you have to try on different styles. But after some time, you will understand what looks good on you, and what fits your personality. You will take an item from this style and add it to your „new” style, and this will happen several times. When I began to change my fashion, I went through about ten different looks, and this was over a period of several years actually. I used to wear hightop shoes because I thought they were cool, and then collared shirts because I wanted to be more professional, and than tight fitting clothes which were uncomfortable, but after a lot of testing I finally found my style. And it’s a combination of punk/ professional. Skinny jeans, comfortable cool looking sneakers (for comfort too), and I usually layer my tops. Gotta get some bracelets though, haven’t gotten to that yet.

Don't lose out!

So yeah, don’t deprive yourself from looking cool, looking like a bad ass, or looking professional, because in the end, if you look like shit - you’re the one that loses. „Opportunities pass, and you are clueless as to the reasons why, and when that hot chick walks by, she looks away and doesn’t notice that behind the shit fashion, is a genuine guy”.

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