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New Place, New Perspective

The sun rises and so do I. But this time in a different neighborhood, it's a bit different from the last one. This time the sun rises to my side not the sole of my feet, weird right? The orientation has changed and so did the perspective.

I make myself a morning cup of green tea, relax into the morning like I relax into a jazz song. It sets the tone for the day, calm and simple. That's what I like. Oh, I also enjoy the quiet, I have that here too, not just the tea. I wake up to the birds chirping, instead of car engines and the voices of people. Never enjoyed loud noises, I was raised in a village, not much noise there.

This area is better than the last. There is a huge market right across my building, I mean HUGE, like Trump. It has everything you would want. From tomatoes, cucumbers and even apples. And, there is two floors, one for the stuff you eat and another for the stuff you wear. As you leave the market you hit the tram, or the tram hits you if you're not careful. The liberty bridge rises in the back like a nice wallpaper you never had, it's beautiful, especially at night time. The lights gleam against the water, the boats float so butterfly smooth down underneath, and the people on top stare and admmir.... I mean take photos.

The deeper you go the more beauty enters your eyeballs. The "no car" streets are lined with expensive-looking restaurants, old school cafes with wooden stools and table cloths just like the one at your grandmas. The waiters and waitresses stand outside persuasively luring the tourist for a drink, but most don't pay attention. The buildings stand tall and magnificent, all connected as one, each a slightly different tone and a slightly different design. Have you ever just walked with you head up, looking at nothing else but the sky and the frame it sits within? You should try it, it's really nice when you do it here.

There are trees here and there, they set a nice atmosphere. Not all just concrete, nature and concrete looks better. They're little (maybe twice your height, unless you're a midget), green, yellow and some other colors. They sit on the sides in their little wooden boxes, you might not notice, but the corner of your eye surely does. Let's not forget the parks, there are many, you just have to find them. It's like a maze. You turn to the right, go down a bit and all the sudden you see lots of green stuff. It's not marijuana, rather branches, and a lot of them. Right between the pretty buildings, but it fits, looks nice. You can sit down, relax, get away from all the tourists - the tourists never come to the parks, they're busy buying their souvenirs.

You decide to head back home. But the curiosity of "is there more?" silently pokes at your feet, they turn back and this time go left, and eventually you can't go further because there is something blocking you. It's the river, yes the river. It's nice and calming. Waves of water splash gently against the stones below as the locals sit on the concrete steps contemplating life. You notice the bridge again, but this time from a different perspective, for some reason you admire it with a fresh pair of eyes, it looks prettier, more defined, maybe it's just the way the sun brushes against the green paint, or maybe you notice the lanterns that line the edge. It has a good feel, somewhat romantic, but also city-like. The statue of Liberty stands high up, far in the distance on a silhouette hill, your eyes rest upon it for a little while as the cars "vroom vroom" wherever cars go, the boats "splash splash" into the distance... "Ah...."

Your feet tingle a bit, you feel them call up to your brain "hello? Time to go home, we're tired". Step by step they fall upon the concrete. As you walk you take one last look around and notice all these people, some rushing, some sitting, some skateboarding, and you're just here, a part of it all, just another person doing something. You don't think though, you just notice, observe. The colors seem more vibrant than before, the people seem more at peace, the dog in front of you meets your eyes, he gives you a smile, you smile back and continue. You look back and see the sunset, it burns red into the hill far in the distance, it burns into your heart with a gentle warmth. The day comes to an end, but the memory does not.

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