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New Place in Budapest

At the new place. Moved in a few weeks ago, so far so good. Trying to touch up some things here and there, and add a few things here and there. Make it looks nice, you know. Make it feel comfortable. I want to walk into my room and feel good, feel like I'm home. I need a few more plants though. Plants bring everything together, they give you space a fresh feeling, a refreshed feeling maybe.

The insensce is buring, a sweet but spicy lavendar smell fills the room, the lofi beats play in the background softly as I write this. It's nice.

Today was a simple day. No stress, just focused on getting stuff done. Woke up around 9:00 am, gathered my laptop and left for the Hotel near my house, that big German one, they have nice seating in the lounge. That is where I spent most of my day editing videos. Afterwards I met my bae, she looked incredible, like those cute travelling French girls you see in movies of the past. Bought some fruits, veggies and Salmon, came back to mine, cooked and ate.

After she left I went for a walk around the Corvin Neighborhood, this time to a different area though. I really appreciate those little streets where no cars can pass and where dimly lit restaurants sit, surrounded by small trees and the sound of music, it beauty. Came back after I recorded a short audio about Freelancing and a bit of my story relating to that. Did some stuff in my room, added a new Cardboard shelf and now writing :). I've been reusing a lot of stuff that people have thrown out, because there's always a use for something that someone else might not find useful anymore.

Anyways. Now will probably meditate a bit and then journal, and sleep, want to wake up before 8:00 tmrw.


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