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Living Under $300 a Month - Is It Possible?

Is it possible to live under $300 a month? You're probably thinking that there's not way you could do that and live a comfortable life, well you're wrong, it's possible and I'm doing exactly this!

Watch the Video now or read the Article below.

Alright so you've seen the TITLE and you're probably like waaaa? why and how would anyone do that? I get it, when I was younger I didn't really get deep into the topic of saving, investing, and living under my means. I had my needs covered by my parents, and money wasn't soooo important. But now I'm older and I gotta work, and I gotta pay rent and all of that bullsh*t and money does really matter.

I live 'cheap' to free up more of my time, time which I'm able to then use, to build my own business and invest into my future. But wait... How are you saving time by living cheap? Well I have to work less to cover my needs, and because of that I get more time to do what I want.

You see it all the time, people rent a nice apartment, buy fancy food, spent nights drinking their money away and the majority of their time has to be spent working so that they can keep up with their lifestyle. For me this way of living is chaotic and without purpose, I rather create a life that has some sort of meaning to me and if I got to sacrifice some comfort for longterm benefits, I'll willingly do that.

But to be honest my under $300 lifestyle is very enjoyable, even though I can't have caviar, or go to fancy restaurants, it makes me appreciate the things I do have, like a warm bed, a good meal, and of course freedom of time. So don't assume that I'm living on the sidewalk and eating bread for my meals, I'm living a decent life! Plus I'm learning about money management, saying no to pleasure, and appreciating what I've got.

So how do I do this?

Firstly I'm living in Europe, in Krakow, Poland. It's the cultural capital of Poland, lots of history, art, galleries and internationals here. Everything is walking distance, I have 3 - 5 grocery stores 5 min walk from where I live. I live in the old town, which is probably the best part of town. I walk outside and I'm in the center. How can you afford that? Well... I had to send lots of messages to find this place (room). And again it's Poland, compared to USA it's 1/3 the price for everything. You might be thinking... Well I don't live there!? so WTF! I didn't live here either, but now I do. And even though I got an EU passport, I know lots of people who live here and are from the USA, from Canada, or other more expensive countries. I was living in Chicago for the past 12 years, so to move here was a BIG change, but definitely worth it. Most European countries are cheap to live in, Poland is not the only one by the way.

I pay $180 for the rent, and I'm not doing any contracts, nor do I have to pay any deposits because I found this place through Airbnb and just negotiated with the host for a monthly deal. So If I want to leave at the end of the month I can do that. And I'm sure by summer 2020 I'll be living somewhere else.

So $180 for rent per month, then I pay $25 for a week's of food. And even though you might not be able to do $180 for rent where you live you could cut your food expenses down after reading this. I go shopping twice a week and buy in bulk. I make sure to cook for at least three days ahead, so that's about nine meals. I cook a Curry vegetable stew with proteins (beans, chicka peas, green peas) because I mostly eat vegetarian meals. For the base I use rice, potatoes, or buckwheat. And I might have some eggs or tuna here and there. But it usually comes out under $25 for the whole week depending on promotions and such. So again, I cook 2x a week, 9 meals each time I cook (18 all together), and spend under $25 per week. That's pretty good naw?

I usually have extra money left over, so that goes into coffee, snacks or whatever I want.

$300 for basic needs covered is HELLA cheap, most people spend over a grand for "basic needs" which is ridicoulous to me. You could be taking that extra money and investing it into business, saving it for a piece of land, or even spending some of it for travel or cool experiences, you know what I mean? SHIIIIITT.....

And I live a great fucking life! No stress about paying this or that, no stress about getting to work because I can do a bit of design work $$$ and 'be good' for the month, this type of lifestyle gives me more time for my own projects and my own hobbies. It's not the exact life that I want, but I understand that I do need to sacrafice a bit to get what I want.

So are you spending way too much money on unecessary shit?

What expenses can you cut down? so that way you can decrease your working hours and invest a bit of time into your passions and ideas?

What type of Lifestyle do you want to live? Work, spend, repeat? or sacrafice now, invest and then do what yo want?

Guys! Girls! This is super important. You can tell yourself that "yeah, I'll figure it out some day" but you won't. there are 1000000 of people who are thinking just like you who will 'actually' never change. Don't be one of them. I'd suggest you read Millionare's Mind by T Harv, Rich Dad Poor Dad, two good books on this.

Message me for any questions!

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