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Time To Leave Budapest?

Budapest, Budapest, Budapest. Again the depression came, but this time in a different form, it’s like a feeling of not knowing what to do next, a feeling of confusion, a feeling of being stuck. I don’t have a purpose right now. All I do is edit some videos, eat lots of food and drink coffee when I’m not suppose to. I gotta figure it out… and I think I did, but I will dedicate a whole post to that.

Anyways I am leaving Budapest soon so that I can travel again, because I’. bored and exhausted from the city life, I don’t enjoy being in a similar environment for too long, so it’s time to move on. I will resume my journey of working at different Hostel and places all over Europe so that I can find a place that I really like and maybe eventually settle down somewhere, but for right now it’s travel time.


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