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First time outsourcing design work

Alright so this was the first time that I outsourced some design work. I was sort of afraid of doing this because I have a certain quality of work that I expect from myself, and I'm not entirely sure that someone else could live up to my expectations.

It was actaully really funny how I met the designer. I was riding my bike by the river one time and there was a girl sitting all alone on the grass along the river, she seemed a bit melchonic, but I felt like I should go and talk to her for some reason.

So I make a Uiiiii, and went back to talk to her. I park my bike to her left and 'I think' I asked what she was doing sitting all alone? After speaking to her for a bit, she told me some stuff about her boyfriend breaking up with her and all that crap, but I tried to give her a bit of advice, she then also mentioned that she was a designer and couldn't find any work, and then an idea popped up in my mind, beacuse for a while now I have been looking for someone to help me with design work, as now I have two client who need designs, and so I threw this her way and she was actually interested.

A few days later, one of my clients messaged me about a design, and it wasn't an easy one, so I decided that I was going to "try it out" and give her a go. I send her the ideas and she went for it. After a day or so she came back to me with a design, I didn't quite like it that much, but I thought 'let me be open-minded and see where this leads', so we continued, I gave her a bit of feedback, we went back and forth for a few days and in the end the design turned out pretty cool. My client liked it, I did too, and I didn't really have to do any design work.

This isn't the first time that I outsourced work, but it is the first time that I outsourced design work, and it feels really good, because I now knoow that there is a possibility to do this.

The other thing is that I paid the designer around 40 USD, and what I will usually get for a design of this type is over 100 USD, so there is a bit profit margin. Imagine if I were to do 3 or 4 designs like this per day, how much I could make!!! Ulala!

I am sharing this because I think it will help people along with their experience as they too might be wanting to outsource some work and try this out themselves. I perticularly don't love design, I enjoy it, but I rather not do it if I have the chance, so this opens up a new chapter to making money passively.

What do you think of this, could I have done this better? Do you have experience outsourcing work, and how did it go for you? Let me know below.


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