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5 Cons of The Traveler Lifestyle (Digtal Nomad Lifestyle)

Today we're going to cover the 5 Cons (negatives) of too much travel (or moving from one place to the next within a few weeks). I did this myself, because I work as a digital nomad (almost full-time now) and so I get to live anywhere I choose, as long as the rent isn't too expensive. And doing this for a bit I noticed a few patterns, some negative patterns which made this type of Lifestyle a bit difficult to sustain, so here there are, so that way if you're about to go out and do what I did you can prepare yourself.

#1 Work and Productivity Are The Last Things on Your Mind

This is a very difficult thing to accomplish, because when you're traveling you're environment constantly changes, there's no routine, and there's nothing to keep you grounded. You'll most likely spend most of your time in Cafes, wondering around, or just doing what you did back at home if you get too comfortable, and so if you're planning on taking your business with you while traveling, good luck - if you don't already have the discipline to put in work now, you'll have even a harder time while traveling.

#2 Don't Try to Form Routines or Habits

Again, with travel there nothing that can keep you grounded, you're moving from one place to the next, the environment switches and so does your routine. It's very difficult to adopt a new routine when you move to a new place every week or so, and it's takes lots of energy for the brain to constantly rewire itself, assign new triggers, and all that good stuff. It's possible, I've done it, but it does drain you.

#3 Confusion and Frustration Because of the Language Barrier

If you're trying to travel to a new place you got to understand that they probably speak a different language there, yes people might speak a bit of English, but everything, I mean "everything" will be written in that countries native language. Just like if you were to travel to America, everything would be written in English, and to a foreigner, he get very confused. If he was looking for a Job he wouldn't know where to look, if he wanted to attend some events he would need to translate every description, if he needed to visit a doctor I'd have to wish him "good luck". It's a pain in the ass, especially if you're doing solo travel.

#4 Keeping a committed Relationship is nearly impossible

Image your girlfriend goes traveling for a few months, and the only contact you have with her is via telephone. You can't hangout, you can't have a "consistent" conversation because there might be signal loss, noises and other shit phones do, you can't touch her. Besides that she's traveling, meeting new people, going to parties, so you don't really know what's going to happen. It's okay for a month or two, but pushing it past longer than that will only cause headaches. It's better to travel together, or keep the trips short.

#5 You Will Become Emotionally Unstable

The lack of routine creates instability. Always eating out, always changing friends, always sleeping somewhere else will make your head a bit dizzy. You brain likes consistency, it likes to know what to expect because that way it stores energy and is able to survive. If you're traveling to big cities this becomes an even bigger head fuck because you become over stimulated which messes with the natural biochemical balance in your brain and you might become very emotionally unstable. And this can lead to other things such as confusion, anxiety, or depression.

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