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Traveling and Teaching in Europe

On the way to the second venue. The bus is quiet, most of us are tired from the days past, I m feeling a bit sleepy myself but I keep looking out the window and wonder what I should do next.

The coronavirus is spreading like wildfire, from city to city. The talk is going around about the borders closing and countries becoming quarantined. I m not afraid but I know this will effect my actions.

The girl is waiting for me in Budapest, but I'm not completely sure I want to live there. I am being called by Portugal, I want to go there for some reason, so why don’t I? I don t want to wait any longer, I need to find the way there and let the universe play out it s plan.

I had a dream not too long ago about the lush of Portugal, I was walking among a garden with trees and plants all around. It was like a botanical garden if you’ve ever been to one. And ever since I have a feeling to go to Portugal.

Another strange thing happened to me today. We finished the first of the English teaching programs, we were all packing up to go, I was saying bye to a friend and I felt this sense that I ve been here before. This very moment, this very feeling, the colors of his t shirt, the voices on the background - deijavoo I thought to myself.

And now as I sit on the bus I wonder if I ve lived this life or this experience previously. Is life playing out once more to teach me a certain lesson that I yet haven’t understood? What is that lesson? What do I have to learn? I wonder with curiousity.

18:30 - On the bus back to Budapest

Sitting here in the darkness. I spread out amongst the bus seats, trying to get comfortable for the long ride home. The only thing that passes outside the windows of the bus is the sillhouslettes of the tall trees. Far in the distance there is only the dark blue sky.

I wonder about the days pass, the good experiences that came my way, the smiles and the laughter we shared, that one night where we all danced to shitty Pop hits but still had fun, and the transition to the new Hotel and how exciting it was. This life is no ordinary life. This life is no office, boring, typing numbers on the keyboard life. It's exciting and unknown. One week I'm in a fancy Hotel, eating luxurious food and teaching English to wealthy people, and another I'm traveling on the Flixbus from country to country, I need more of it, I want more of it.

The second part of the program has ended - the Weekend part, and we're heading back to Budapest to be dropped off. It's strange for many of us, some confused as to where to stay or where to go. The Coronavirus has effected many of the countries around, the borders have closed, the old folks are pilling up on toilet paper, it's an odd situation for the time being. I'm okay though, I have my next destination set, I'll be heading to a Buddhist Monestary out in Esztegrom, Hungary, the guy is picking me up tomorrow evening and my work begins.

I'm not a Buddhist, nor did I study Buddhism. I do meditate regularly though. I'm hoping to learn a few new things while working there, and I got my mindset on joining the Buddhist practices - the chanting, the meditations, the vegeterian diet. The host informed me that they wake up at 4:30 everyday. I usually wake up around 7 - 8am, but have been wanting to wake up at an earlier time. I do enjoy the early mornings, the smell and taste of the green tea, and the chirping of the birds. I can recall a time - I was 18 I think - My brother and I had our own apartment and I had my own room at that time. I would wake up around 5 am each morning, exercise, have some tea and work on business stuff. It's was a time of discipline and new knowledge.

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