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Teaching English in Warsaw, Poland

On my way to Warsaw now. The few weeks previous have been just ups and downs, like my mind has been trying to figure out a solution to something that is non-existent. Maybe the solitude has been digging into the depths of my souls and digging up the past. And not to say that being alone is doing me harm, but there is definitely no joy in being alone. Sitting in my room, trying to figure out what to do with my time, and taking walks around the neighbourhood is the only solution to my solitude.

There is no joy in being alone, there is no joy in sitting by oneself and contemplating life. Life in itself is the interaction of going back and forth between your awareness and the awareness of someone else. That’s what makes like exciting and worth living, is it the play of these two awareness interacting, it’s the challenge that comes with this, it is the complex thoughts and emotions which arise out of this which is the joy - because it is constant change that entertains the soul, and sitting in a room alone does not entertain the soul, it’s too dull. So the change came

This lady contacted me on Workaway, when I got this message my emotions roared and said “TAKE IT”. (It was changed to Warsaw later on). Is it that bad in Kraków? and why don’t I just involve myself in some activities like dancing, going to to a Bar, or trying to meet the locals? I’ve been here for a few weeks and I’ve done a bit of this, but I guess I feel insecure about meeting Polish people because I’m trying to be Polish, when in-fact I need to accept the fact that I’m not. I speak basic Polish, but think more like an American. The American is confident, expressive, but very individualistic.

The Polish person is more polite, humble, but reserved. Anomalies exist obviously. I was raised in America for the majority of my life and even maybe though I don’t want to be American, I am. And I thought of the scenario where I live in Poland, re-learn Polish - but to be frank ‘I don’t really want to’. What I noticed so far by living in Kraków for over a month is that even though ‘Krakowians’ humble and polite, they restrict their expression and they’re super religious. I understand that it’s not better somewhere else, because usually people are alike in big cities, but the thing is that cultures vary, the East and the West are very different from one another and I recognise that, so I should live where I want, rather than needing to live somewhere because I should.

So, now I am in Warsaw. When I exited the train station I got a real nice feeling, I felt SPACE. It felt like like I had been liberated, the chains of judgment and necessity have been lifted off. Man... How good it feels to be here.

I came here a day earlier because they we're having a small meetup for the volunteers, where they got to see a bit of the town and eat lunch with one another. Cool right? What I was expecting was a bit different, my expectation predicted young people, and lots of them... Nope, it was mostly older people, 90% of them were over their 30s. It freaked me out a bit because I'm 24, so likeeeee do I fit in this group. But to my surprise I got along with them very well. They were all friendly and sociable.

There were also a few young people, with whom I socialised - but they were more closed off - and one of those young people was a young dude in his 20s who also had a similar upbringing as I did. He was raised in Poland, until he was 9, when his family decided to move him to Cleveland in the US, and he lived out his life there, forgot most of his Polish and now after getting his Green Card has returned here to explore and re-learn the language.

I literally went through the same situation and still am. I'm waiting for my Green Card, will take me about 3 years to receive it, but instead of living it out in the USA I decided to leave it all behind and await my time here. Meeting this guy has opened my mind up a bit, and made me realise that it's really not that bad, there are also other people who have to deal with such situations, so it was a nice little reminder for me to stay positive and just focus on the opportunities I got right now.

Later in the afternoon we all had a very pleasant lunch. We sat, ate, cracked jokes, it was really fun, I haven't had that type of joy in a long while, so I am VERY GREATFUL for this day. And I'm sure days like this are more to come. Now I'm sitting here in a Café, jacked up on some coffee and ready to go to my Airbnb for the night. Peace.

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