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Spending Time Alone is Healthy

Have you ever spent a day without someone else's influence? Have you just sat by yourself and paid attention to how you're feeling in this moment? Or maybe grabbed a book and just read for an hour or two? Society forces us to spend 'too' much time with other people, and not enough time being alone. Being alone means that you are without friends, without the influence of others, without constantly checking "what's up" on social media, that's not being alone. But I guess there is a fear to 'being alone', because when there's no one there to occupy that empty space we start to pay attention to our own feelings and our own thoughts. And to some, those might be a bit SCARY. The constant distraction of others around us never gives us any space to really notice what's happening inside. I love to walk in the park and just look at the leaves waving to the wind. I love to take off my shoes and walk on the grass and pay no attention to the pass-by-ers. I love to grab a book, get myself a nice milky latte, and sit in a corner and read for an hour. I love to spend an hour or two going on a hike, just by myself. When I do these things, I am completely free. No one is on my ass about anything. I don't have to worry about how the other person might be feeling, or what they 'might' want to do instead. I can just be there, with myself, and my own wants and needs. And to me that is freedom. I encourage everyone to spend some time alone. Shut your phone, make some tea, put on a warm sweater and head out for a hike. Spend a few hours away from the influence of society, away from the energy of the one's you know. Give yourself the opportunity to 'just be' by yourself - and 'really' enjoy that time, appreciate that you're alive, appreciate that you're walking, appreciate that you have this freedom to be 'alone'.


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