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Small Success Here, Small Success There

We all want that one girl, who will stop in her tracks with big eyes and a gorgeous smile, eagerly wanting to give away her number. But reality is not this. Women don't stop just for anyone, they have things to do, places to be, and you're just some dude, no better than the overly enthusiastic canvasser next to you. But you both want the same, you both want to gain, and gaining won't happen until you can learn to give.

I might have over-gamed this week, hitting the streets four days during the weekdays, and also an extra session on Saturday with my friend. At the beginning of the week the anxiety was high, and the approaches were low. There was a few compliments here, and few conversation there, but nothing overly exciting. Finally arriving at Friday some results started to show. I was out solo, the streets were busy with working girls, most dressed in casual attire. "There goes one and there goes another one" I think to myself, still nervous to get the first one out of the way. I knew that if I didn't do the next one I would most likely not do the one after that. I took out five dollars, and told myself that every time I don't approach one dollar goes into the other pocket, and if five end up there, than I have to head back home and I lose the money. I guess this was good physical representation of <em>loss</em>, and it encouraged me to begin.

I ended up doing two solid sets that day, and concluded with a number and also an instagram connect.

The first set was a girl whom I noticed from across the street, she was short, tan and cute. My initial reaction when spotting her was not to approach because she was too far away, but once I saw her there was no going back, the dollars were eagerly squirming in my pocket, but I wasn't going to let them have their victory. I trailed behind her for a good minute because of others being in the way, along the way trying to rationalise that this wasn't creepy. I finally got in-front, doing a well executed front stop. I gave her a cheeky smile, and spoke slowly, assuming that she was a model because of the way she dressed. And then making another assumption about her being an artist because she looked really creative. After the second assumption she hooked and we had a light and fun conversation about art. I told her a bit about myself, and she seemed pretty interested because she kept on asking me questions. I ended with a number, and a nervous but cute little goodbye.

The second approach was pretty casual. Girl was walking towards me, we made eye contact, one she passed me I turned around and did the front stop. Again, something about her looking creative, and assuming she was an artist, but she wasn't. She was really into the whole senario from the very beginning, therefore she did all the work, asking questions and all. The interaction was a bit surreal, and I think that is because we just didn't vibe. I ended up with her instagram, and we are sort of messaging on and off.


Than came Saturday...

Saturday was the day I met my wing, he lives pretty far from the city so we only go out together once a week. We hit the streets, both feeling relaxed and ready to roll. I approached around six different girls, four of them were Mexican chicks, one Colombian, and I think one American girl. I ended up getting one number from a Mexican girl, also the Colombian, but the rest only ended in either "thanks, I have a boyfriend" or just not stopping whatsoever. I can't really remember the conversations with all the girls, so I am not able to write specific details down, apologies. Although, with the Colombian, I saw her walking towards me, she had shades on and looked real bitchy, and I told myself "that's not my type of girl". My friend encouraged me to approach, and I realised that my thoughts were very inaccurate. I made a judgment based off of the way she looked, and she was not what I expected. She was cute, a bit bitchy (that was correct), but very down-to-earth, and of course from Colombia. I extracted a lot of effort at the beginning doing all the talking, but when I went for the number she started to ask a lot of questions, such as: "what's your job?", "do you go to school?", "why are you in the city?", and this gave away that she was actually into me. But I didn't notice until I messaged her and she sent me very hyperactive messages, where she did a lot of questioning, and called me "mysterious". We are texting at the moment, but my text-game is pretty shit, and needy, so need to work on that.

That was session number six, I think. I am not really counting these because I started to do Daygame everywhere I go now, so if I see an attractive girl I just conversate with her. I have been doing this for the past three days, and it's really lovely because it arises from impulse rather than a set goal. More journals to come soon...


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