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Religious Grandparents, Starting All Over Again

In this video I share what has been happening after I moved into my Grandparent's home. The difficulties I'm dealing with, and how I'm overcoming them and making them into a positive. I also share how I will be making money in the future.

This episode is still not so exciting because I'm just beginning but I promise they will get better over time. I'm sharing these videos in order to help others realise that it's possible to design a life which you want to live, by putting in the work, making wise decisions and being patient.

Back in Poland now. to the city where I spent most of my childhood. Who knew I was going to return here. It was very unexpected for I as well.

Do I want to be here?

Well... I'm actually enjoying it very much. No bills to pay, got food, got a place to sleep, and even have an extra room that I'm using as an office. And again who would have expected this? I was just travelling not to long ago, and was on my way to Italy, but then the virus shocked us all, and everyone's lives changed.

This is a good change for me, I needed to be somewhere where I could focus, and get work done. I've been bumbling around from place to place not really understanding what I'm actually doing with my life. This unexpected change is a opportunity to start something and set my future to a good standing. Because I was slowly falling off the horse.

There are of course a few cons, such as my Grandmother's complaining and pessimism about the world. And my Grandfather's inability to accept that there are other ways to earn income other than selling engines and mechanical pieces of metal.

But I try not to get caught up in Bullshit because I know I just have to continue doing what I think is right-because I believe in the goals I have, and I will not give them away so easily.

what is the status of my life now?

I got a bike, about 200 dollars, a freelance job that makes me about 200 a month. Got a comfortable room, and office space, and a 2015 Macbook Pro, and an Ipad Pro that I spent all of my savings on.

what are my goals for July 2020?

- get a freelance job that pays at least $1,000 a


- sign up for a Driver's Li sente Course (European

Driver's license)

- Be consistent with my main Business -RESET- by making consistent content and developing courses. (7:00 am- 12: 00pm)

- Be consistent in my side Hustle and create courses -one a week-on different tech stuff (get into that later) (18:00pm-22:00 pm)

- Help Grandparents with whatever they need help with (12:00pm- 18:00pm)

So these are some of my goals, but I need to explain them in a bit more depth so that you guys can connect it all-because there is a reason for all of my actions.

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