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Play The Game ‘Your’ Way

There is an ease with which a person can enjoy his reality. His eyes can wonder to whatever place without the feeling of judgment. He can look a woman in her eyes without hesitation because he has full security in his own reality.

But not many can pull it off. Some are stuck in a constant judgmental state, and maybe not even judging others, but instead themselves. Their every move is criticized by their own mind.

”Do I look okay?”

”Can I move this way, will someone judge me?”

”Should I look at her? No it’s not right... what if she gets offended?”

These little thoughts of judgment restricting one’s own freedom of expression. I’m sure a few of you have experienced them.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could be liberated from this restriction you put upon yourself. To just let go of this uneasiness you feel. This anxiety that takes over when you least need it?

It‘s a bitch. I know. I experience it myself at times. But I’ve experience it s absence as well. I had times when I sat next to a woman and spoke to her without expectation. I’ve danced like a maniac of the dance floor without the need of approval. I’ve confronted my own fears many times, with full security and confidence in my expression.

I remember a day when I was on the bus going to a far place - 8 hour ride - there was a cute girl in the front of the bus and the seat next to her was empty. I went over, asked if I could sit there, she smiled and obliged. Two scenarios could have occured:

1. put in my headphone and shut up

2. introduce myself and start a conversation.

I started a conversation.

It was a long ride, but a fulfilling one. We spoke for a few hours about travel, dance, philosophy. And became good friends.

2019 was a strange year for me. I worked for a Life Coach who lived a chaotic life and had major life issues, I didn t know what my mission in life was, I let myself be pushed around until I had enough and needed to escape. 2019 taught me many lessons, and the most important was:

”If you’re not playing the game of life the way you want to, then you’re just wasting your time playing the game of life someone else influenced upon you”

Fulfillment in life comes from these tiny moments of freedom you experience playing the game of life. If you let yourself be influence by society, family or anyone else, and you have to conceal your truth to fit into someone else’s truth, you lose the joy of the game. Having full freedom in expressing yourself here and now is all that matters, the joy that comes from this is not like any other, because you know that you are living your truth, you re living life exactly the way you intent to.


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