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Overweight and Depressed to Happy and on His Purpose! (Ft. David -

Let me introduce my friend David from He is a real inspiration to me because when I met David (during a Massage workshop) he seemed a bit lazy and not very driven, but I could see that this guy was intelligent and he wanted to improve himself. We kept in touch after that meeting and eventually met again about a year later. This time David was a completely different person, he seemed more energetic and more driven, and I was like "Wow, you're not who I remember man!" He told me later that he got into fitness training, he started to improve his diet and did other things that improved his overall state of being.

The reason why I wanted to have David on is to show people that even though 'now' you might not be in the best condition or state, you can drastically make a change if you put your mind into it. David has a great story and I am very grateful that he is a friend of mine.

David's website

If you have any questions, just leave them below the video, or if you want to get in touch for live coaching sessions, or collaborations go here

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