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One Place, One Job Forever? Try Work and Travel!

Do you feel stuck in one place and one job? Time to try something new!

Maybe you're tired of working the same job, living in the same place, seeing the same old friends. Maybe you're tired of your current life and want a bit of the change... If so, maybe this will help to inspire you to go for the change you're seeking.

You don't have to work one job for the rest of your life, and you also don't have to live in the same place for the rest of your life. Life is full of opportunity and variation, it's just up to us to decide whether we want to try living in alternative ways.

What are the alternatives to the traditional way of life?

You might think that the only way you can live in to have a steady job, find a place in your city and that's it. But nope! the World is opening up, you can live your life on the go, you can live your life in other countries while learning a new language, you can work at different Winter or Summer Resorts that will pay you to have fun and meet new people, you can teach English and stay at fancy Hotels and eat delicious food... The list goes on.

Most of these programs will provide you with accommodation, food and some times even good pay. I worked at a Ski Resort in the Colorado mountains for a few months and was making around 12 - 15 dollars an hour, while getting to Ski for cheap and enjoying the serenity of the mountains. Another time I was working at a Hostel, I didn't get paid, but I only worked 2 hours per day (5 days a week), got free accommodation, free food and lots of new friends and amazing experiences, and on top of that I was living right in the centre of Crocow, Poland for free.

I have more experiences like these and a lot 'more' to come. I'm always searching for new Programs, and some of them blow my mind at the fact that they're giving away SO MUCH. For example, one of these is a Program called Angolville, here in Central Europe. I get to teach English to non-native English speakers, get to stay in a fancy Hotel, eat real fancy food, and teach 'very' wealthy people English. And at the same time I'm getting my TEFL sponsored by them, free of charge.

But the thing is...

We hear about these opportunities, but it just goes into one ear and out the other. We might think it's bullshit, or it sounds to-good-to-be-true, and it really is.

The first time I went ahead with one of these programs I was skeptical. How much will I get paid? How much will I have to work? But once I was there, doing the program, all these "fears" went away because it was such a joy participating in them. Each one of these experiences taught me something new, it helped me make new friends, and it gave me different perspectives. And now as a 24 year old I don't worry about my future because I've gained experiences that showed me that "there are other ways of surviving than just the traditional route" - and this is a feeling like no other, it's a feeling of total security.

The decision is all yours

Like I said, this is not for everyone. Maybe you're comfortable with where you are, maybe you like your 9 - 5 and you don't need change. But if you want to experience different ways of living life, if you want to interact with different cultures and different mindsets then this is something you will love. I think the benefit of living life in alternative ways is that firstly you get to experience real freedom, away from family, away from influence, away from all the bullshit, and second you get to see life for what it really is - I'm sure you parents told you "don't go there, people 'there' are dangerous", well by throwing yourself in deep you get to see the truth for yourself, not through the words of someone whose never seen the world for themselves.

I invite you to try these alternative type of lifestyles. This is the RESOURCE PAGE, check it out. I will be updating it will new programs whenever I find them. And if you have any questions about the how, the what, and the where just leave a comment and I'll try to get back to you.


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