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No More Zen For Me... Thank God!

On my way back to Budapest, once again. How many times have I been back? Way too many. But I think that's because I like this type of lifestyle. I enjoying going from place to place, having experience from experience, I learn much this way.

I finished working at the Korean Zen Buddhist Temple just about an hour ago. Got dropped off by a friend from the Temple, bought my train ticket and now on the train zooming pass green fields, and long white commerical buildings.

I don't really want to head back to Poland, I like Hungary much more. I'm going to give this some thought maybe later today, because the next flight I can catch to Poland departs on the 1st of April, which is pretty soon.

I will probably spend the next few days with some friends, wondering the lonely streets (as I've heard) of Budapest. I hear that Cafés are still open up until 3:00pm so of course I will grab myself some tea or a latte, how can I not? :)

One thing I realised is that if you make decisions through fear you will experience critical circumstances. For example if I were to go back to Poland because I was afraid, or I wanted to run away from something, that is a decision from fear, and fear brings friends - so watch out! Use common sense though, don't make stupid decisions because you're "brave", or because you think you're right. This is why I will sit down, figure out the best senario for the times and what my goal is, and I will come to a conclusion with logic, rather than emotion.

My experience at the Temple was good, but it could have been better. I didn't get along with one of the monks there, she was a real bitch, but I won't hold on to that, I already let it go. The rules they had weren't so great either. When you meditate, you have to be completely silent, if you breathe too loud you'll know soon after - "breathe silently please!". Or no shorts? What? But it hot, my balls are sweating! Or "you can't have that tea! it's only for the Monks, we're aboveeee you slave. Get tea from the kitchen" - "oh that really crappy, tastes like shit tea?" - "YES!". Fuck all of that. Rules are rule, I get it. I came to the Temple I got to obey the rules, but you're a monk... where's you're detachment? where is your Zen? All I noticed was scarcity, hatred, and greed.

Pshhhhh.... alright now it's done.

But let me be honest. I enjoyed my experience at the Korean Zen Buddhist Temple, I met many wonderful people there that made the whole experience very pleasant. We had many good laughs, stories, and moment together, and so I am thankful that those people were there, because I would have left on day 2, or day 3 if.

What else can I say...

I want to simplify things. When it comes to my business, or rather (at the moment) my personal blog, I need to keep things simple, stick to one area, and really focus my energy into one or two projects. I've been trying to do vlogs, ok I record one, then I get on my laptop and write, then I get confused... "should I write, or should I just make videos?" and it's a real head fuck, because if I'm focusing on ACTUALLY three things (Podcasts also), I gotta do all the publishing, all the SEO, all the marketing, and I gotta keep it congruent. How can I do all of that when I'm focusing on three different mediums. I gotta simplify.


Main Focus

Journals (everyday, in writing, on blog/ sm) (includes photos)

YouTube (only self help/ and stuff that will help people)

Podcasts (for guests, or speaking about longer topics)

Stories (in book format)

I will also have a private area for:

Personal Vlogs


And weekly Q and A

Ok that's all I wanted to share for now :) enjoy

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