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New Life in New City #3 — Women

I get to the park, Huelin park. There's a big pond in the middle, ducks swimming about, I run around it. Then past the dog park, excited dogs chase each other as the owners sit and watch. I run past some pigeons, as they scramble away from me with their little steps. I exit the big iron gates and pass another park, large treetops loom overhead, and on the concrete below shit stains for the pigeons above. I pass some unused train tracks, that's my 'cool down'. I stop, walk and breathe heavily. "Good run!", as I pet myself on the back.

Back home I take a cold shower, change, and pack up - not forgetting my lunch. My green backpack is a bit heavy, but I'm used to it. I take the elevator down, and exit the building. I notice my bike near the garbage cans, the seat is gone! "How the fck!?", 'no really, how the fck!?', someone jacked my bike seat. I walk past the bike, "ehhh". 'I'll just buy another one, that one was uncomfortable anyways'. I walk past a homeless man, he's got two blue grocery carts - which contain some items, I'm tempted to look, 'naw naw, common man, fuck the seat, forget it'. I forget it.

I get to the train station, head down into the Metro, tap my ticket and go down into the tunnel. Lots of young people wait around, they all got backpacks on. It's a minute wait, the metro arrives, I get on. The seating is tight, I squeeze into one of the seats, facing the window. A dude my age sits against it, his hair slick and black, he's got earphones in, he bobs his head to the music. I sit there a bit uncomfortable, trying to avoid looking at my phone. A few stops in I make a decision, 'I'm gonna chat him up, tell him I like his hair', 'no! why?', 'because I like his hair, this will be a challenge', anxiety wells up inside of me, I'm about to tell him, 'no, no, no', 'f*|ck you!'. "Hey", I say, he sort of looks at me, "you speak English?", "yes?", "oh cool, just wanted to tell you that I like your hair bro! it's super slick", "oh, oh thanks", "how do you get it to look so good?", it's a good piece of hair. "Uh, I don't use product, only shampoo everyday, and it's like this", "oh wow, it looks real good. I had long hair once - well not too long ago, but when I wash, like 'almost' every day, it got real dry", "hm, I grow my hair out now, but I just use shampoo", we chat a bit while longer, the metro exits the tunnel and into the sunshine, I watch for the next stop, "Universidad", it announces above. "Oops! This is my stop, nice to meet you bro!" I awkwardly shake his hand and rush out.

I'm in good moods. There are lots of girls about, heading for their classes, I want to chat to one of them, but at the same time I feel a bit of doubt. I walk past the University buildings, where some students sit around, some chatting, some smoking. There's a botanical garden to my left, lots of trees and bushes, and a big fountain in the middle, 'maybe later', I think as I walk past. I see a guy with a pack of cigarette filters in his hand, I chase him down, "hey hey, English?", "Yes?", "Oh cool, could I use your lighter bro?", "yeah, no problem!", he hands me the lighter, I spark up my rolled cigarette, thank him, and head back towards my destination.

I arrive just before one, wait a few minutes, knock on the door, the teacher answers - she asks me to wait because she's still teaching. A few minutes pass, the student comes out, a good-looking female in her 30s, "hey, how you doing", "hi" she says. I walk in, the vocal coach greets me, I take her hand and kiss her on both cheeks - something I was afraid to do on the first meeting. She looks a bit tired. She's in her 30s, brunette, a bit pale, but pretty face and a good body. The lesson goes well, we do a few new breathing exercises, the time flies by, and I'm back outside again.

I walk towards the Botanical garden, less students around now. I take a seat on one of the benches where the big fountain jets water out, it's pretty against the background of the clear blue sky, and the green of the plants and trees which encapsulate it. I take out some food I made earlier - it's still hot, I eat it.

I make my way toward the main street. Another rush of students make their way home. I spot one girl, my height, brunette, beige kaki pants and a good figure. I don't know what it is, but something about good fitting pants turns me on. I hesitate for a bit, 'approach her or not?'. She crosses the street, 'ahh f*ck, too late now…', for some reason I reject my own anxiety and chase her down. "Hey, sorry, this is a bit random, but I saw you there, and thought you look real good", with a big smile on my face. "oh thank you", "yeah it was actually the kaki pants, like you just left the Safari - maybe like you tame lions", she giggles - it's a genuine giggle, I can tell. "I no work in the Safari, but I work in the garden here", "ah okay, so no lions either?", "there are birds, but lions, I don't think". We chat for a while, the harsh sun on our faces, the air hot. We exchange numbers, two kisses on the cheek, and head our separate ways.

I find an Aldi, go in it. There's some background music, "dooon't wooorry… about a thiiing…" it plays, I sing along. A Jamaican-looking fella passes by, he nods to me with a smile "yeah man", "they got some good music, no?" I say, "Bob Marley brotha", "hell yeah", I keep walking - what am I looking for anyways? I pick up some fresh squeezed orange juice and a few bananas and head out.

I head for the metro once again, this time back home. The Metro is nearby, students go down the new and shiny escalators, I follow behind. 'I wonder how long ago all of this was built? It looks so spotless', Malaga seems progressive, like there's always something new being built. Down in the tunnel I walk up to two girls, and ask for directions, "English?", "yes, yes?" they respond with curiosity, "oh great, do you guys know which way is towards the center?", "Oh, center" they look at one another, the one with brunette hair and round glasses says "it is this one, we also go this way" - "you go to …" she mentions some stop, "uhh, I go to… the Zamara - the main train station?", "Oh, yes yes, this is on the way", we babble on for a bit, I thank them as the train arrives and get on.

Standing around are students, their faces glued to their phones. Elderly folks occupy most seats, staring straight ahead. And I - I make my way towards another carriage, where I find a yellow pole to hold onto as I stand. A girl stands to my right, I seen her as I passed - or 'noticed' her funky pants and colorful tatts. From the corner of my eye, I can see her look my direction, I get a bit nervous, 'just breathe bro'…

A few stops in, a childish voice inside my head repeats 'do it, do it, do it. I dare you!', I consider it. 'But how?', 'just talk about her tatts, you like them, no?', 'yeah, they look cool'. I give her a quick glance, she's already looking my direction, "hey, random… I like your tatts, you have so many" with a smile that feels like a child's. She smiles back, it's more of a "this doesn't happen often" type of smile, but it is - a smile. "Thanks"… 'GODDAMN' I think to myself 'she's so beautiful, her hair a golden blond, her eyes like freshly fallen hazelnuts, skin as soft as a babies butt, and a figure that could kill. 'Don't stop now' the inner-child demands, "the neck tattoos, did that hurt?", "a little, but it's fine", "I've always wanted a neck tattoo here" I point to the back of my neck "but feel that it will be too painful", "ahh, it shouldn't be so bad, I don't have any on the back of my neck yet", "you're a tattoo artist?" I say in a more calm tone, "haha, no, but I really like tattoos, and I work here at the library", "what?!" I'm confused for a second "no way, but where are your librarian glasses then?", "glasses?" she makes a funny face, "every librarian has a pair of glasses", "I need?", the train slows down, we both look at the door, there's a moment of silence - it slides open, she looks at me with a warm smile - "nice to meet you", "nice to meet you too".

It’s always women I turn to, not sure for what reason, but it’s a sort of comfort, or a solution to some problem, or maybe to ‘feel’ like I am alive and that I still exists. When I was younger , meeting women was a struggle, I was awkward, uninteresting, and I had no clue what I was doing. But now women are not something that’s “separate” from me, they are part of my ecosystem, coming and going naturally, like the clouds or the rays of the sun.


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