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New Life in New City #1 — Finding a Room in Malaga

So I’m doing this experiment, where I move to a city for at least three months and try to build a life there. And not just move there to live, but actually get involved, attend events, meet people, enjoy my experience there. ‘I think’, lots of people move to a new city and they have a very difficult time getting involved and building a “new life”. But I don’t think it’s that difficult, you just have to take initiative and make sh*t happen, and not “HOPE” for sh*t to happen.

It was sort of an impulsive decision… moving to Malaga. Well, I was already in Spain, with my former boss — he’s like 72 and wanted to travel Spain and asked for my help, because I knew the “ins and outs” of travel. The trip was about a month, it was fun but exhausting, because for me it was more babysitting, as my older friend does not speak Spanish or understand the norms of the place.

A week ago he flew back to the USA, and for me… where was I to go? I made a decision to fly to Malaga, an hour flight from Madrid. I’ve only been there once, for a day, and what I liked about the place, was the bike lanes, the trees, and fresh air.

During the flight I somehow got real nauseous, almost threw up in my sweater, but didn’t, but then did in the toilet mid flight. I made it to Malaga, dizzy and ill. A taxi dropped me off at my Airbnb, where I threw up once more, this time behind some bushes. I chewed on a piece of gum, got the keys from the owner, it was as if nothing happened. I slept good and long that night.

Once in Malaga, I booked an Airbnb for a week, which ‘hopefully’ would give me enough time to find something permanent. My budget was 350 euros, and let me tell you, to find something under that price ain’t easy, especially in Malaga. I ended up messaging about fifty people. FB market place, FB groups, Idealista. Some got back to me, “sorry it’s taken”, some seen the message but did not respond, and I only ended up with two viewing in the end.

The first was a small room in the University district. I was excited about this one, because I would be around the University, which meant lots of young people. The room was small, had a normal size bed, a desk, a clothing cabinet, and enough space for doing yoga in the morning. The downside was that there was no natural light, because the window was facing the inner courtyard. The flatmates were pretty chill, one Spanish and one Danish. Monthly rental was 190 euros, plus expenses, not bad.

The second was much bigger, smack in the middle of Malaga, between the old town, University, and walking distance to the beach. When I walked in to view it, two young punks were sitting on the couch smoking rolled cigarettes. The room was spacious, had a big bed, a desk, and lots of sunlight, unlike the first. But the price was 283, not so much of a difference. The thing I liked about this place was that there was a balcony, and that the flatmates were chill, I did end up joining them for a cigarette. I picked this room.

The room felt empty, bare, too big, I needed to fill it up with a few things. Firstly I bought a new pillow, some bed linens, a blanket, and also a small rug to keep my feet cozy. I also ended up buying some LED lights, which now hang over the window — giving it a nice vibe during the night. I still need to purchase a few other things, but I’m on a budget.

Overall, I think I got lucky with the place, it popped out of nowhere, the contract is only for four months, and the rent is affordable. I’m not sure if I will end up staying in Malaga, but this is a test run. I don’t want to commit to anything yet, because things always tend to change, or maybe it’s just my mind that’s changing.

I still gotta do lots of other things, like signup for some Spanish classes, start attending events, meet some people, and essentially build a life here. It will take time, but I’m not afraid, I’m excited to see how things will turn out.


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