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Living at a Hostel

Back at the Hostel life once again. Just booked today, this time booked a more expensive one because I don't like bed bugs and most of the cheap Hostels have "BED BUGS WARNING" written in the review section. I remember the last time I lived with bed bugs, it was back in Chicago, I returned from the Colorado mountains, was working at the YMCA there. Summer was almost back in Chicago, you could feel it in the air, the winter snow had mostly melted and the little blades of grass began to pierce through the cold like they've just woken up from a long nap. I rented a livingroom space in the West Town area of Chicago, it was real close to my work so I though it convenient. Two fat Indian "men" smiled at me when I first came to see it.

"no cockroaches?" - "no, no. no cockroaches my friend"

"no bedbugs?" - "no, no. no bedbugs my friend!" as they smiled sheepeshly.

I guessed it was going to be alright. Now that I lived in the downtown area everything was going to be of convenience. I could do my Daygame here, I could go to the BIG Washington Library to practice piano, and yeah, it was exciting! But shitttttt... I didn't realise what I was gonna go through.

The first few weeks were alright, I didn't really noticed anything, I slept there, did my cooking there (although the two Indian's were vegeterian, so they asked me not to use their pans), took my showers there and it was all good. Until I noticed one of those buggers crawling on me... I FREAKKKKED OUT! HOLY SHIT! THAT'S A BEDBUG! Fuck bedbugs, those little pests. Once I noticed one of them, then I started to notice more and more. Some hidden in the seams of the mattress, some crawling up on the wall, and even one in my shoes (how the fuck did he get there?). Well once it started there was no stopping them, and I still had to sleep there, there was nothing I could do, I wasn't gonna go back to my parents place, hated sleeping there.

The days became more heavy as I started to notice bites all over my body, I just couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't live amongst those fuckers. And then one day... as I lay there in my bed, gently falling into sleep something zoomed by near the bed, zoommmmm, zooooomm, back and forth, black and shinny, you already know. That's the day I decided to fuck off. Next day I borrowed my mother's car, came there around night time, packed all my shit while those Indian's were playing there Xbox 360 and eating their frozen vegeterian meals in their bedroom. I left a few things, a table and the mattress, that was probably now infested with bedbugs and said bonvoyage. A few minutes later I get a call, guess from who? Yep, those fat, stinky Indians, but it's too late now, you fucked with me, so now I must do the same back! :)

Ok back to reality...

So staying at a Hostel right. It's Monday night, I'm feeling pretty good, don't have to sleep in that graveyard of a room. Not even kidding - there's some entity there waiting patiently in the corner for a weak/ scared victim, so that it can feed off it's energy. I've only sleep there a few times and most of the times I either had a nightmare, I've woken up at least 3 times during the night, or I felt like shit the next day...? Weird shit.

Whenever I'm at a Hostel I feel pretty good, there are people around, everyone respects one another, and I just use it for sleep so I don't need much. I'm going to stay here for a few nights, maybe until Friday, and then I'll be off to my GFs house, sleep there for a night and then west to Vienna to work at a Hostel.

I'm doing this because I need to get away for a bit. Maybe I'm trying to run away from something, or someone, but I know that I haven't really felt good here in Budapest and I need some movement. As a man I need to do work that's engaging and physical, this is the biological truth, and I can't escape that, me sitting behind a computer screen for hours and hours isn't physical, it's mental. And honestly I'm not even enjoying the assignments and the person I'm working for, so I think it's time to move onto the next adventure.

I'm actually considering to go back to school, because I never really 'began', so maybe it's a good time to do so. I don't want to be a 30 year old man in University when I have the chance to do so now. I would like to study anatomy, biology and psychology, some of the subjects which I really hated back in Secondary School.

So plans are:

- Travel to Vienna

- Start to REALLY build my own brand (been holding off on this)

- Apply for University

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