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Live Life The Way YOU Want!

Lots of people get caught up in the system, the system of life and how "we should be living" but we never step out of this and try our own way of living life and experimenting with life. We're bounded by the ideas of previous generations and that keeps us narrow minded and unwilling to try new things.

Most people go to University right after they finish their secondary education, then they work hard, get themself a degree, get themselves a job, get themselves a wife and a dog, and they've lived their life in the way that "it was suppose to be". But don't forget, there is not only one way you can "do" life, There is an infinite amount of possibilities in this reality, so don't be so narrow minded and try other type of lifestyles.

I wouldn't encourage someone just finishing Highschool to go straight into University, because that is a dumb idea. You push yourself into something that you "think" you might want to do, but most of the time that "something" is influenced by peers or family. I'd say take a year off, and experiment with life. Because what happens if you don't experiment early on, is that you get caught up in a certain way of thinking, and usually that thinking is sceres and restricted. When you travel, explore, experiment you expose your mind to new ideas and other ways of living life, and this frees you from the chains of the "traditional" thinking because you see that life is not so narrow.

When I started to travel, work different jobs, and meet people with different experiences it completely blew my mind how narrow my thinking was. I was concerned so much with "I'm eventually gonna need a real job", "there is no other ways of surviving but the way that my teachers told me: get a good education and a stable job". And these perceptions of reality were shattered because I saw that "No, there are other paths I can take". And when you see life for what it really is, it gives you a sense of calm and hope because you're no longer worried about competing for survival.

What are the other ways of living?

Well that's for you to find out, but some of the ways I've experimented with and seen are:

working at Seasonal Resort all over the world (can be full time)

Doing workaways and living in different countries with different families

Working for someone you admire (by offering a skill you have)

Starting your own company and and running Workshops on a skills you have aquired through experience and study

Living in a inexpensive country (somewhere in Europe) and saving thousands of dollars each month on rent and food because it's so cheap

Become a digital nomad, travel and work.

Start a blog/ vlog and share your life (can make money through coaching, courses, and organizing events)

So here are some of the example from my own life, and I understand that you might not understand some of these. But my general idea for this post is to encourage people and inspire those who are either about to get into the "system" or have been in it for a while and are living in scarcity. I want you guys to see that there's more to life than what you've been shown. Life is not so scary, and can be a daring adventure, you just need to open you mind up to new ideas and actually TRY them.

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