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Is Social Media Controlling Your Life?

You sit at your desk, looking at the laptop seeking for some content to entertain you, that's what you need, THAT IS THE SOLUTION. Hours pass, and you're still sitting there but now watching something entertaining, but you're feeling a bit off. Another thirty minutes and you start to feel pressure in your head. OBSERVE. OBSERVE. OBSERVE. It just doesn't stop, you can't get enough, you want to feel good, another video and another video. Finally you explode in a expression of rage. FUCK! how much time have I wasted sitting here watching non-sense!? I've been on my ass for the past five hours watching some shit face talking about what he is doing today, what the fuck do I care!?

This used to happen very often, sitting for hours on my laptop, watching pointless youtube videos until my head hurt. And I know I am not the only one that this happens to, because I have friends that go through this shit, so it's universal. After time and time again I came to a realisation that I am wasting my precious time by continually viewing pointless videos on youtube. Watching vlogs that I have no care for, but I mean they are entertaining, or rather addicting to the point where five hours drives me crazy.

Time for a solution

It very simple, first is the realisation. Entertainment is fun, it can make you laugh and it can release stress, but if you're spending more than thirty minutes to an hour per day on digital entertainment, it will fuck with your mind, and will strip years from your life. So if you're someone who watches videos for longer than an hour you have an addiction my friend. Even if these videos are somewhat educational, and I am not talking about courses here, more about life advice and stuff like that, even watching that for longer than an hour is not helping you. If you're trying to get stuff done, or try something new, go out into the world and do it, don't think that just because it's educational it's helping you develop, rather procrastinate.

Next thing to do is to get blockers, and I will assume you are using Google Chrome. First one is DF TUBE, this is for Youtube and will completely block out the front page, so no videos will popup once you're on Youtube, it also blocks suggested videos, so the only video you watch is the one you search for. Facebook! oh what fun. Get Feed Eradicator for Facebook, this will eliminate new posts, dumb ads and all the shit that's on your Facebook feed. You can also delete all your friends, I did that and it worked (: Lastly we have THE TIMER. TADADAAAAA! This is huge because you can still search videos, or stock people on Facebook, but once you install this you will have a time limit, so I'd recon you set your timer for an hour. Once you open Youtube the timer goes off and each second you're closer to that website being blocked for the day, or websites. Usually you have two browsers on your computer, please condense that to only one, you don't fucking need two.

Trust is the last piece, you have to make a commitment to yourself that you will not delete the extension just because you want to watch a bit more, once timer is done, you're done! This is about developing a disciplined focus, so trickery will only waver your focus and you will loose trust in yourself. This is for you, and no one else. You can spend your time online, and the clock will go tick tock and you won't even realise that what you're doing is feeding yourself crack, that's right, crack. So do it for yourself, do it for your future and get the fuck off of social media.

Phone apps: Delete snapchat, you don't need that shit, no one cares about your life. If you have Instagram and have a brand, just unfollow everyone, you don't need to see another photo of your friend pretending like he's having fun. I haven't used any other apps so that's all I got for you. Thanks for reading.


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