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In Hungary

Still spending my time in Hungary. The days are slow, but the minutes run fast. I don't know what my purpose is here really. I'm trying to develop the relationship I have with my girlfriend, but at the same time it's not so easy. There are misunderstandings, frustrations, and bits of good moments too, but is it all worth it? Maybe I should just go back to Poland, be with my Grandparents. I would have my space, my time, no one to babysit. I would still have to help out my grandparents, but maybe I'd have mental freedom, freedom of mind. Do I really have that here? IDK, I feel like most of my decisions are influenced by the environment here, the gf, the father, the brother. I need to make sure I'm not pissing anyone off, make sure my gf is not emotionally effected by what I do, it's complicated.

When you're emotionally entangled with another being, you take into consideration their feeling, and lots of your decisions will take them into consideration. Before I would just do whatever I wanted, travel whenever, wherever, but now it's different. Everything is a bit slower than usual, a bit more intertwined, a bit more dense.

There is a mandatory 14 quarantine in Poland for people who are flying into Poland from abroad at the moment, until the 3rd of May - but I think they might extend this. I wanted to go back this month but I realised that it's a stupid decision because if I have to stay home for 14 days and today is the 22nd of April then flying back now is dumb because I can just stay in Hungary, wait for this 14 day rule to be over (May 3rd hopefully)


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