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How To Wake Up and Feel Good? (Practical Steps)

A simple and enjoyable morning ritual that gets your ass up our of bed and gives you momentum for the day

Drink Water

The night before fill up a glass of water, and put it next to your bed. When you get up in the morning drink it, all of it. Drinking water is not only a healthy habit, but it also activates your organs which wake you up. On the days when I don't drink water right when I wake up, it is much harder for me to get out of bed. Without water, humans can survive only for days, water is essential for survival (we used to live in water according to evolution).

Make the Bed

When you get up and make your bed you're creating a habit that trains your body to recognise that now you're up, so it's time to start your day. How many times have you gotten up, went to the bathroom to take a piss and then came back to bed to wake up two hours later? It happened to me plenty of times. But when I make the bed there is some psychological difference that occurs and after I take that morning piss, I see the blankets all nice and folded and my body knows that it's not suppose to lay down.

Play some Funky Tunes

Why do I play music in the morning to get myself out of bed? Because it stimulates me. When I hear that funky beat, or those hiphop lyrics, my body is moving. Music is such a powerful tool for influencing different moods, and when you wake up to something inspiring, or something that makes you dance why would you ever want to go back to sleep? Thank god that I can click a button and all the sudden I got some Biggy playing in the back.

Stretch and Breathe

Stretching is something I've been implementing for over a year now. It's just so much better when you have a bit of time to warm up the body, stimulate your muscles, and get those endorphins going. For me I do like a stretch and meditation combination, where I'm doing a light 10 minute stretching routine in the morning while focusing on the sensations and my breathing. And doing this everyday compiles and makes the "future me" much more flexible, and much more disciplined. I couldn't touch my toes a few years back, and now I can put my palms down on the floor, just because I stretch a bit in the morning everyday.

Take a Shower

Take a shower man! and I know it's not something you might like to do early in the morning, but it will definitely clear your mind and wake you the f*ck up. When that water hits your skin it activates your sympathetic nervous system (can depend on hot or cold shower). I recommend taking a cool shower, not a cold or a hot one. Showering with hot water can damage your skin. Also avoid using any shampoos early in the morning. Maybe a bit of soap under the armpits is good. But you're just taking a shower in the morning to wake you up.

Moisturise Your Body

Last thing I do after showering is to moisturise my body. I take a bit of coconut oil, one of the purest and odour-free oils. I put a bit on to my palms, rub them together and then spread it all over my body, going from head to toes. I don't put much, just enough so that my skin is moisturised. This is something new I've been implementing, but what I'm noticing is that after I do this I feel much more in-tune, and grounded to my physical awareness. And I guess this is because I am touching my body and interacting with it. I mean... When was the last time you felt yourself? (besides jerking off) and actually payed attention to the sensations of your own touch... It's a really unique experience. Also when you're rubbing your skin you're massaging your skin and muscles which releases tension. Try it, maybe it will work for you.

For now that is my most effective way to wake up in the morning, feel great, and start the day with some momentum. I'll be honest though, the first few weeks of doing this might be difficult because it's something "new", but your body adopts to this new routine it'll be a joy doing this every morning. Also morning routines should be specific to you, so add or take out different things to your liking, but again this is coming from my own experience and what has worked for me.

So what you waiting for? Rub that coconut oil on yourself!

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