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How to Get Out of a Rut - Practical Steps

Let's get right into it! These are some practical steps on how to get yourself out of a rut. This is based on real-life experience, and I used and use these steps whenever I'm stuck in a rut.

Taking a shower is a simple thing your can do in the morning, it's something that can help your clear your mind, and make you feel fresh. We're made of water so I think water has some energetic effect on the body where it can calm you, or RESET you back to neutral. Drinking water will also help, right when you wake up drink at least a cup of water to get you digestion activated.

Going outside might seem like a simple thing, but it can really affect your mind in a good way of course. The fresh air, the sunshine, seeing other humans walking around. All of this will boost your mood (maybe not at first, but after a few times), it also helps to release dopamine, and walking around is good for your health. And of course if you live in the center of a busy city that will make you feel like shit, go to the park, or somewhere where near nature.

Now you might have severe anxiety, and I understand this feeling - it's so crippling that when you see someone it feel like you're dying and don't know what to do, your neck becomes tight, your head dizzy, I get it. The way to deal with this is to put in headphones and "talk to yourself". Literally. Go outside, pop in headphones and just start talking about your day. Others will think you're just on a call. This releases the tension because you're doing something and your anxiety will not affect you as badly when your mind is occupied.

Now here is one which can help you gain awareness around your activities. Maybe you spend too much time fapping, maybe you spend too much time behind the screen, or maybe you just not doing much. The daily practice is to journal. Every night, maybe an hour or two before bed sit down and write down what you did today. Make sure you write it hour by hour so that way you don't miss anything. And after you've journaled, then write "How can I have a more productive and joyous day tomorrow. Look back at the journal and realize where you failed and write down what you can do differently, to improve of course.

Now another practice in this category is writing down some goals. Most people don't know where they're going in life, they might have a vague idea, but they're leaving the circumstance of life to take them down a path they might not want to live. And sometimes it's okay to go with the flow, but maybe 'the flow' is making you a bit unhappy. So what do you do? Take out a piece of paper and write down the life you want to live, where do you see yourself in 3 - 5 years? Who are the people you want to be around? What experiences do you want to have? And what actions can you take to get there? These are just simple questions to engage your imagination. Your imagination can invoke inspiration - and if you don't feel inspired about life then it's a practice for you.

This is my personal favorite, it's "Call a friend", if you don't have a friend then call a family member. You should have someone in your life that cares about you, and can help you get through your situation, or just talk about what's happening. Friends can encourage you to be better, they can inspire ideas, and help you see things you might be oblivious to.

This one is a bit more difficult. It's exercise. If you're in a bad state right now I understand that exercising seems out of this f*cking world, but I'm not asking you to go to the gym, or to do an hour workout. With exercise we need to build momentum. Start slow, push yourself a bit every day, and eventually you'll be doing an hour workout. Things you can begin with are:

  • 5 minute stretch every morning

  • 10 minute walk in the morning

  • 10 pushups every time you take a piss

Keep it simple at first, and just increase the duration and the intensity when you know you're ready for it, not when you 'feel' you're ready because you won't feel like it for a while.

Don't take this lightly. If you're suffering there's no easy way out. You read this so now get to work and actually do something with this information. Reading another article will not get you out of the shit-hole you're in. Go now! Start with a shower, or at least a walk outside. Take you apple headphones, plug them into your phone, turn on record and walk. Get it all out, all the negative shit you've been experiencing. Talk about where you are, why you're there, and how you can improve you shitty existence. Don't f*cking look at me like that! Get your ass to work!

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