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From Teaching English, Moving in w/ GF, and Going Back to Grandparent's House

I was on an English teaching program somewhere deep in Hungary when I heard the news about the Coronavirus outbreak. It came out of no where and kind of slowly effected our minds. Day by day people started to get a bit more worried, and whenever some one coughed or sneezed all the older folks would look with caution.

I prepared though and signed up for a work/ board exchange program while teaching English. It was at this Korean Zen Buddhist Temple, up in the north of Hungary in a city called Esztergom. I left Budapest and started my work program, and it was fine. I met a few nice youngsters like myself, the monks were okay, the food was good, I had a bed to sleep on - but I eventually grew tired of the boring daily disciplines and the long meditations. I only had about one hour free to myself each day because there were no privacy, "we do everything together" they said. I left after 2 weeks.

My GF was a bit stressed at the same time because of the virus and she wanted to move away from her parents, and by her parents I mean her mom and step-dad. She didn't really like her step-dad that much and wanted to try living with her biological father, but there were some complications. Her father's house was a mess, the room that she would stay in needed remodeling, and her mother would likely not allow it. So I travelled back to Budapest and then to her father's city - north of Budapest, and started helping him. We got the room (attic room) ready in a few weeks, she moved in, her mother cried a bit, her step-father was very upset at me and said "I went through the back door" meaning I tricked them by taking their daughter away - but it was all okay, they got used to the new situation after a few weeks.

I decided to stay with my gf at her father's house because the borders were closed and the flights were all paused. We lived together for a good three months. While living there I found out that her father is super bi-polar, he pretended to be happy and positive when he was around me, but then would go and argue with his son (who also lived there) for the next two hours about something irrelevant. I could sense that his energy was all over the place, he wasn't very organised, and his head wasn't in the physical world. My girlfriend also had bad traits, she would go into states of panic, on and off, one little trigger and she went off like a dog. But besides all the shit there was some good too. They took me in, gave me food, they were very caring, and always payed attention to my needs. I tired to pay them back with work, whether it was painting the room, or doing something in the garden I was there.

After the three months I had enough though. I realised that I needed space. I was drained, ohh wait I already wrote this down here:

The truth about my mental/ physical position

I'm not in the best place at the moment

emotionally drained


not passionate


This is the my place mentally at the moment. I just feel like I haven't been at my best. And this is not the worse state either. A few years ago I would be home all day, jerking it to porn, not really doing anything with my life. Now I have a girlfriend, I'm making some income online, and I'm in Europe. But I feel like those old days are coming back, that stagnation is returning and it feels pathetic, disgusting, lazy.

I'm spending my days laying around, barely going outdoors, pretending like I'm doing something, but actually I'm just doing filler work. My ambitions are inconsistent, my projects stop half way, my social life is non existent, my energy flickers on and off. I can't go on this way, I need to change something.

I've been living with a girl for the past few months now, and I will not blame this on her because I am completely free to do as I will, but I can blame it on the fact that my living situation has been inconsistent. I started travelling again a few months ago and hadn't had any privacy to myself - so getting into a consistent flow with all things wasn't possible.

Soon I will be relocating back to my Grandfather's home, and I will get into a consistent flow there. I will have the space, the time and the privacy I need. This is a firm decision. I'm already 24 and I feel like I haven't really created anything for myself, so the time there will be to nurture my mind, and focus on my projects. I'm going to take this challenge upon for the rest of summer and until into late Autumn. I don't want to spend another year going from place to place, confused about my own position in the world.

Things I want to accomplish while I'm living there:


Develop the community by posting daily content (let's talk)

Create a few online courses on travel hacking, lifestyle design, passive income and such

Passive Income

create courses on other things - how to use tech stuff (for editing, apps, and such) (upload on SkillShare)

upload all recorded footage to a stock footage site (ongoing)

Life Stuff

Get European drivers license/ Car

Finish my Tefl certification

Learn French

Learn Callisthenics

Learn how to OBE

For Others

Help Grandfather finish the house

Pay for friend's and brother's flight/ accommodation to come to Europe to an event

Pay back all my mother's money (she sends me a bit here and there)

Visit GF (every other week or so and surprise her every time)

By the end of Autumn I want to start making at least $500 a week using all of this. I also want to setup all of my business stuff so that it's very easy to manage while I travel. In November I will most likely travel to France and work in the Alps at some Ski Resort so I don't want my business to interrupt my life, I want it all to flow nice and easy.

I know this is all just words for now. But I seriously don't want to go another year sloping around like a fool. I know what I have to do, and I just need to commit to doing it, and I've done so!

Cool, I got a plan... but what's the system?

Well M - F

5:20 wake

5:30 - 6:30 practice OBE

6:30 - 7:30 morning ritual

8:00 - 8:40 tefl (until finished - then french)

9:00 - 11:00 takkamil let's talk episode

11:00 - 12:00 exercise

12:00 - 14:00 food

(interchangeable) 14:00 - 18:00 long break

(interchangeable) 18:00 - 22:00 tk courses/ passive income courses/ other things

22:00 - 23:00 wind-down ritual/ OBE practice


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