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Found a Room in the Bigger City

So it was time to pack once again and move my ass to another place. After living with my Grandparents for a good few weeks I realised that it wasn't going to work out. My grandparents gave me a place to stay, they gave me food, and the space I needed to start again. But they trying taking away who I was, what I believed, and they wanted to change what I wanted to do with my life. And that's not cool. There was a heavy atmosphere of judgement from my family, and as I'm already emotionally drained I knew I wouldn't survive there too long.

I found myself a nice room in the outskirts of Rzeszow - the University city nearby, and rented it out, with a bit of aid from my mother, and my own savings. I don't want to depend on my mother though and will send her the money back as soon as I have enough.

I really like the new place. It's a small bright room, with a big balcony looking out towards the backyard, in a fairly quiet neighborhood. It only cost me $300, 150 for rent and 150 for deposit. I knew that if I'm gonna get a place I need to make sure it fits my budget. And at the moment I'm only making around 200 per month.

The first few days were a bit chaotic, because my sister needed to get some documents signed by my father for her Polish Passport and I was the only one who could get my alcoholic father to do so. It took about a whole week to get it done, but the week spent with my father was eye opening and strange because I haven't hung out with him for 12 years, apart from seeing him last year briefly. While being with him I realised that even though he is a drunk I should still visit him some time and help him a bit... But I won't get into this now.

My journey to making money with Stock Footage hasn't stopped yet. There was one perticular Stock Footage company I wanted to partner with, but after two failed attempts of trying to get in I almost gave in... but I tried one last time and for some reason got accepted!

Now at the new place the routine begins again. Wake up, stretch, work, exercise, keep it consistent, and don't lose focus. Here's a video I recorded of how I feel now, being here for the 4th day.

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