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"F***! Woke Up Late Again. Now I Can Be Lazy?"

"Yes! finally I got up at the right time. Now I can do so much!"

In my head it's like this battle, and it's constant. I wake up late one day and all the sudden my switches to emergency mode, like I have no time to do anything, like the world is about to end. But then I get those "happy days" when I wake up super early and I'm on top of the world, finally I will get something accomplished.

Well, it shouldn't be like that. Even if one day isn't a "perfect day" it doesn't matter. It does not matter that I did not wake up at 5:00 am today, because that's not the fundamental which is leading my discipline. It's not. It's the mind, the habit, the past, the behaviour which I have adopted over the years. It's so simple to understand now.

We like to create these stories within our lives. Maybe it's because we're bored, or we just like to playout stories. But the truth is... your discipline is not a matter of whether you wake up early or wake up late, that does not effect the fundamental, which is the mind. That is the decision maker, the mind decides whether or not you should do this or do that. And you're the mind, which is in charge of this body and brain.

So now. Stop the blaming. Stop blaming the circumstances of your life for the lack of your will, the lack of your discipline. They are not at the cause, your own lack of control is.

And here is you magical "technique"

It's awareness and energy. It's where you "the mind" direct this energy. If you continue on and directing this energy towards the blame of the incapability of rising early, it will be there, and not here. It will no longer belong to you. You just given the energy to something external. You will go as far as creating stories of why "your circumstances" just don't allow you to be disciplined.

Come back to here and now. You have this energy, you have this awareness, it's time to play with them. Realise that these two belong to you and you can direct them at your will. If you want to be disciplined then just be disciplined, don't put your energy into something that robs you of discipline. "Ahh my phone is such a distraction" you say to yourself. <em>Is it really? or are you just distracting the phone? </em>That's a mind f*** no?

It's very simple. You need to train your awareness. Train it hard. Train it on a daily basis, because this is the fundamental to where and how you will direct your energy, the actions of your physical body. The best practice for this is to sit down, close your eyes and just pay attention to all of your sensations, all of your thoughts (but not getting caught up in them). Hear the sounds that crawl through the windowsill, feel the blood rushing into your fingers as you sit there silently, become aware of all that is in the moment.

I didn't believe in this either, early on in my life, because I've never experienced life from this perspective. But now I'm experiencing life from this perspective and I can tell you that it's a game changer. Once you understand and train your awareness you can direct it wherever you choose. And I'm not going to say it's easy, you will have to rewire all of these old habit patterns you've develop over the years, and you will feel pain, but once your body adjusts/ adopts you can do magical things using you awareness. You will be able to fly, manifest fruit, and other magical stuff. But really... if you lack awareness - then the influence of other's awareness will lead you and create your life.

I still struggle with waking up early, as I have for many, many years. But the realisation came one sunny Sunday morning, the birdies were chirping, the warm air was giving me a hug and I realise right then and there that I'm stressing myself out. It was 10 am, I just woken up and the first thought that came to my mind was "f*** I have no time now" for about two to three hours I ran around like a maniac not getting anything done, only focusing on "I have no time", and there it was, being manifest right before my eyes, and my mind went blank for a moment, a lightbulb had been switched on and I stood there silent. "I'm doing it to myself. I'm directing this energy exactly where I choose and that's what's creating these behaviours, and these circumstances. Why don't I just direct this energy towards getting stuff done and not stressing out". And so I did, and things have changed. Many things. But again I practice meditation two to three time daily. A realisation is simply a realisation, then the practice and implementation begins.


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