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Dreams, Yoga, Work, Travel and Minimalism

I hadn't had a conscious dream in a while. I only remember little snippets of my dreams, but that's all. Got this app that suppose to team me how to have lucid dreams, but used it for about a week and then fell off. It's still there though, waiting...

My journey with Yoga has also ceased, I've been stretching and exercising almost everyday, but completely abandoned yoga. Was watching this yoga course and got to day 11 I think and then things came up and I lost my grip.

For the winter time I will be staying in Budapest, I heard the Christmas markets are really beautiful here. I also have a gf here, so might as well make the best of what I got. For a long time I was trying to run away, get away and it's not working, I'm just causing myself pain. I need to stop, settle for a bit, work on some stuff, educate myself, and stop running and running. I have everything I want and need, just need to stop and realise so.

I sat down last night and wrote some things down. I will be traveling during the summer time, May until the end of August, and studying and taking courses from September until late April. It's how the "system" is setup, so I realised that it's best to be a part of the system, and just go with the flow. And during the Summer I can run my own workshops, and events while traveling, and during the "cold" season, I should rather chill, and really focus on the work.

There's also a no-Visa Program which became available to the Polish people, and I'm one of them, so that's great. Now I can return to the USA with ease, and visit my family for holidays, b-days, and such. Things just work out, huh? :)

I'm also trying to simplify my life, and become more of minimalist than I already am. I threw out most of my clothes not too long ago. Now I only have two pairs of pants, two t-shirts, two long t-shirts/ one sweater, and a pair of pajamas, of course socks too and I don't wear boxers. Other than that I got a 2015 macbook pro spec'd out, a iphone, some headphones and a small guitar. That's all. I realised that I should have two outfits, so that one I can wash one and wear the other one. I also hand-wash all my clothes, saves me money and builds muscle :)

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