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Do It, Don't Wait Motivation

Today I was listening to a Podcast, but one of my favourite Daygamers - Tom Torero. He was speaking about beginners, and how they wait until they are motivated, to go out and do Daygame. But it's not like this, he said, motivation is a result of action, not the other way around. You can wait for your little motivation, and it might show, but it will depart as fast as it came, and that's just the truth. Daygame, or anything that requires effort has to be done through your own will, and your own conscious effort, whether you're feeling inspired or depressed.

Today was day numero dos...

I was at home, sitting in my sisters room and reading about Daygame, and how to do it (no she wasn't home). While studying the beginners guide to daygaming, weird thoughts started to pop up. "Just stay home. You really need to learn how to do this first, otherwise you will embarrass yourself". After a couple of these I started to questions myself... Why am I thinking like this right now? And the answer came! "You're afraid", and yes I was. I had no motivation to go out, and I'm obviously still a noob at this, so the excuses will be inexhaustible. But I just realised that if I stay home, no progress will happen, and the hole will only deepen. It's through action that we rise, and attain knowledge. So I made a choice, and it was to leave the house, even if I walk around downtown for hours not approaching, I will still be "taking action!".

I am not going to write out all the details, because I think it's a bit "too much" for only doing one solid set, but I will write the statistics.

I approached about 4 girls in the first hour of arriving, I knew that my process had to be sped up, otherwise I would just be wasting precious time. The approaches were "okay" but not great, I messed up the front approach a few times, and ran out of things to say in the first 10 seconds of the interaction. Although, I got pass the compliment and tried focusing on slowing down a bit because on the first day I was talking way too fast. All the interactions ended quickly and I was okay with that, because this was the first time, in a while, that I actually tried to have a conversation.

There was one set that did go well though, this was during the second hour. Cute girl, dark hair and slim body, walked pass me, I turned around and went after her. Front stop was great, gave her enough space, but I think I spoke a bit too fast, did notice it though and slowed down. Did my short stack "you look like a spy, wearing all black, are you on a mission?", not the best but it worked. She giggled, I gave a few assumptions "are you Mexican, because you have those big brown eyes and dark hair", she seemed interested of how I knew, I told her I had a Mexican girlfriend, haha. I tried to keep the conversation really minimal, not speaking too much. She actually did most of the talking, asking me questions, so the interaction was pretty smooth. After talking a bit about her and her school, we traded numbers and went our separate ways. I later ran into her, right after approaching another girl, not sure if she saw or not, but who cares - she will probably not text me back anyways.

Right now it's a learning process, and I learned from much experience not to judge anything at the very beginning because this is just the discovery phase. It might take weeks upon weeks to actually get good at this stuff, but as long as I go out, and try, that is all that matters to me for right now. Please don't sit home all day trying to figure out how to do this stuff, that will never teach you anything, it will only hold you back. The more you read, the more tension you will feel, start with compliments, and then just try to have conversations, doesn't even have to be aimed towards a sexual outcome, but it should (; Also direction openers are okay, but if that is all your doing, it will be really hard to transition into Daygame because you body will be conditioned towards indirect game rather than direct game.

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