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Second Week In The Colorado Mountains

Recently I’ve moved to Colorado. It was a quick decision, but certainly the right one. Three years back I was living with one of my friends and I found out about this program which offered housing, food and work in Colorado. But at that time I was still too young and immature to actually take it into consideration so I skipped it. Now three years later after returning from California back to Chicago, I felt stuck, and I wanted to get away. With no money and no plans I decided to go for it. I was reminded of the program because I frequent the YMCA often. The YMCA offers this work/ play exchange to internationals and even locals, here is the link:

And so I’m finally here. Been here for about two weeks now, and I love it. I love it because there are people from all over the world. I get to socialise with interesting people from other countries and also get a chance to learn about their cultures. I also get some extra perks, such as free snowboarding passes, and also free staff activities, from going to Denver to arts and crafts here at the location. The food is alright and work isn’t that difficult, except that I have to wake up really early; but I do get two days off per week.

The days seem to pass really quick because I am always caught up in doing something. Whether it’s playing basketball, rollerskating, or just playing chess or cards, there’s always something to do. This is both a good and a bad because the main reason why I came here was to study and get my youtube channel started. But since I am always doing something there is usually not much time for me. And this can really bother me, and put me in a bad mood. I gain satisfaction and happiness from getting things done and seeing the progress in my work and I haven’t been able to do that much here, except for my instagram, but instagram is not that important right now.

How much time I spend on fun or work depends all on my decisions. If I keep on saying yes to people when I really want to say no, that is all on me. So now it’s time to realise that I need to start rejecting invitation and start focusing on my work because others. And it’s not because I don’t like being part of activities, it’s just that I have only three months to building this youtube brand and start making some cash from it because this is what will carry me through college and help me travel. The reason why I am here is to save money, build my brand and have fun, and I need to manage these and not let one control all my time.

Here are some photos from Colorado though:

I’ve been taking most of my photos on my phone, but I just don’t have a usb cord for my phone so that’s why I won’t upload many photos, but it’s coming soon!


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